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Welcome to the News Page. Here you can find out what's been going on in the life of your classmates. We welcome you to post any news in your life right here. This is only for posting "blurbs" however. If you'd like to post pictures, please use the Photo Gallery. Use the Message Board for conversations.
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Just saying hello.
Posted by: Steven Springer on Jul 09, 2009
I know it's been a long time since anyone's used this, so I thought I'd just say hello!


Posted by: Christopher Louie on Oct 18, 2006
Hi all, As I'm likely not going to make it to the reunion, I thought I would post an update for anyone interested. After going to Penn undergrad, I joined Lucent Technologies' financial analyst program (with Jill Knight) and filled a number of roles in Lucent's finance division for 4 years. During that time, I got married and moved to an apartment in nyc, where we still are. I left Lucent Technologies about 2 years ago and went to Columbia Business School, where I got my MBA. Just started up w/ the consulting firm McKinsey in July. More importantly, I have a daughter, Megumi, who just turned one. Would love to hear how things are going from others. Feel free to e-mail me at chrislouie@gmail.com. Best, Chris


Congrats Steve!
Posted by: Andrea Meola on Oct 05, 2006
So amazing! Can't wait to see pictures of the lil nugget!


Baby Springer Arrives!
Posted by: Steven Springer on Oct 04, 2006
What a way to celebrate a birthday! Try this link here (hopefully it works): http://www.kodakgallery.com/I.jsp?c=js9w1yz.6ulrd8ej&x=0&y=-iv8m6t


Springers are Expecting
Posted by: Steven Springer on Sep 11, 2006
That's right! A Little Springer is on its way in mid-October. I'll let everyone know how everything turns out!





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